Face Lift

A face lift can rejuvenate your face, making you appear years younger. Aging of the skin, sun damage, gravity, or genetics can cause the skin of the face to sag. Deep creases can form between the nose and mouth, the jaw line can become slack and jowly, and fat deposits and folds can appear around the neck.

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This procedure can set back the clock for patients. By tightening underlying muscles, eliminating excess facial fat and redraping the skin of the face and neck, a facelift or mini facelift helps Sacramento, Folsom and Roseville women and men look years younger. While a facelift cannot stop the aging process entirely, it can make you look significantly younger for years to come. Facelift surgery is available to people desiring a younger look.

Talk to Your Plastic Surgeon

A facelift can be performed alone and is also commonly performed in conjunction with forehead lift and/or eyelid surgery. In a pre-surgical consultation, your surgeon will discuss your cosmetic goals with you to determine the procedures that will best meet those goals. A facelift can make you feel more confident as you enjoy a more youthful, fresh, and lively appearance.

A facelift usually takes several hours to perform, though it can take somewhat longer if you’re having more than one procedure done.


Recovery from the procedure takes two to three weeks. Most patients are able to return to work after two weeks, with the final results realized in about six weeks.

Facial Surgery After Weight Loss

Massive weight loss-as welcome as it is-is another reason men and women become dissatisfied with the look of their face. As the pounds drop away, people can end up feeling, in the words of one after weight loss patient testimonial, “like everything had melted.” A Sacramento facelift at Kaufman & Clark can be a great way to celebrate weight loss, topping off a wonderful achievement with a refreshed, rejuvenated look.