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Month: March 2010

Allowing My Daughter to Have Rhinoplasty

The decision to allow my daughter, at age 16 to have a rhinoplasty was tough decision. Allowing her to go through and elective surgery on her face weighed heavy on me. Was I being vein to allow her to have a surgery that was not medically necessary?

My daughter would come home from school in tears because of the mean comments that her peers would make to her. All of her friends were dating boys and she was afraid that because of her broken nose she would not find someone. Breaking her nose in sports had clearly broken her confidence. That is when I made the decision to let her move forward with the surgery. I had always trusted the ability of Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr.

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Donda West Law – What It Means for You

In January 2010, a California law was enacted in honor of singer Kanye West’s late mother, Donda West, which reinforces what reputable surgeons already do—it requires a medical history and physical exam with written clearance by a physician 30 days before a patient proceeds with cosmetic surgery.

Donda West, a former English professor at Chicago State University, died in 2007 one day after cosmetic procedures to her abdomen and breasts in Los Angeles.

Dr. Jan Adams, the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who operated on Donda West has stated that West underwent several physicals and medical histories before the procedure.  In his book entitled “What I know and the Press Isn’t Telling:  The Truth behind the Death of Donda West”,

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