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Month: April 2010

Two Navy SEALs Acquitted, One Hearing Remains

Two of the three Navy SEALs charged with mistreating Iraqi prisoner Ahmed Hashim Abed have been found not guilty of the charges held against them. The third SEAL, Matthew McCabe, will be tried May 3rd. He is the only defendant being charged with actually hitting the prisoner.

So far, the witnesses who have testified against the SEALs have proved unreliable and seem to have left the judge presiding over the hearings unimpressed. The fact that this entire proceeding is based on whether one punch was or was not thrown seems a bit silly in the face of a war which, since 2003, has claimed thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives. That this trial is taking place in the open is a reminder of our country’s tradition of justice,

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Carrie Prejean First Sued Over Implants, Now PR

Carrie Prejean, what else can be said that hasn’t been said all ready. She won a pageant, she got scrutinized by the media, her private life got out (sex tapes and breast implants), and she had her crown taken away. Now, by all media accounts, it’s payback time literally (again).

It was first reported that she was being asked to pay back the costs of her breast implants. The question was, should she be asked to reimburse the buyer (K2 productions) for the cost of the implants since she was booted from the Miss American pageant or should she be able to walk away from the whole affair with a nice pair of double DD’s and what dignity she has left?

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