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Month: May 2011

The Most Unkindest Cut of All

A lot of people call our office asking about laser and or Vaser assisted liposuction. We had a Vaser liposuction machine for a couple years and, frankly, it never impressed us. We have also trialed two of the laser assisted liposuction machines on our staff.  It sometimes created minor complications such as skin burns and was more likely to cause fluid collections called seromas.  Most importantly it didn’t produce better results than traditional liposuction does. For those reasons we abandoned Vaser and laser liposuction and advise our patients to stay away from the procedure and instead opt for traditional liposuction.  Ultimately the medical device industry is pushing these devices on consumers because they are very expensive to acquire (in the case of laser) and very expensive to operate (in the case of Vaser). 

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