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Month: November 2011

Cure For the Common Butt

It takes a special kind of brilliance to take a look over at your girlfriend’s flat butt, notice a tube of Fix-a-Flat tire sealant sitting on the counter, and decide that the two belong together. It’s hard to believe this is even real, but a transgender woman pretending to be a doctor in Miami Gardens used Fix-a-Flat tire sealant, cement, mineral oil and super glue for a woman’s butt augmentation. And for the low-low price of $700, you too can get a trip to the emergency room!*

This almost defies comprehension. Is this woman deranged? Is she living in a cartoon world where the names of products always indicate their literal purpose? Maybe next she can augment some breasts by putting a couple cantaloupes inside of her patient.

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Medical Missions for Children

Hi everyone. I just got back from a ten day surgery trip to Batangays, Philippines. The trip was organized by Medical Missions for Children and our group consisted of great doctors and medical professionals from around the U.S. It’s a great organization.  We went with two surgeons, two anesthesiologists, and three nurses.  We also had the help of a volunteer who helped do all the “little” things to make the trip successful.

The trip was great. We did procedures on about 20 children, mostly cleft lip and cleft palates.   A good portion of the children had no access to medical care.  In the United States, these deformities are completely addressed by the time a child is one year old. 

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Latest Plastic Surgery Trends

A survey by Suneva Medical was recently published and it showed that people are changing the way they make decisions about buying plastic surgery procedures. The economic downturn hasn’t slowed down the plastic surgery industry, but it has made people more careful about what they buy.

The survey asked 160 medical practices about patient behavior and the results showed that patients are trending toward buying procedures that last a long time. It’s not surprising that people are being safer with their money given the condition of the economy, but it’s clear that plastic surgery is very important to people because they are not willing to give it up no matter how shaky things are. People are willing to pay big bucks so long as they get bang for that buck.

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