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3 Benefits of 3D Imaging for Breast Augmentation

Vectra 3D Imaging is a computer technology that simulates your breast augmentation results on a 178833960screen before you undergo surgery. Vectra 3D Imaging is now available in select plastic surgery practices, and offers breast augmentation patients a range of benefits.

1. Try Out Different Breast Sizes

Using 3D image technology, the Vectra camera takes a picture of the patient’s body and transfers it into a 3D format. Subsequently, the image can be manipulated to show the patients breasts with different sizes of implants and even different implant profiles. This allows patients a whole new way to visualize their final results.

Traditionally, women unsure of what breast implant size and profile was best for their bodies, were left with practices like the rice test or simply their imaginations. The revolutionary ability to see your potential results can help many candidates for breast augmentation decide on the right implant size and profile.

2. Opens Up Communication between You and Your Surgeon

One of the most frequently cited benefits of Vectra 3D Imaging is that it opens up the line of communication between patient and surgeon. Because most breast augmentation patients describe their ideal look in terms of cup sizes, while surgeons conceptualize breast size in terms of volume, it can be easy for goals to get lost in translation. With the help of a 3D visualization, patients and surgeons can make sure they are always on the same page.

3. Helps You Develop Realistic Expectations

While your Vectra 3D Imaging simulation won’t exactly mirror your actual breast augmentation results, this advancement in technology is an excellent predictor of your final proportions after surgery and a great tool for managing expectations.