There are 13 noses – which one do you have?

# General Plastic Surgery

3 Ways to Judge Before and After Photos

There’s a lot of riff raff out there. Phony doctors, back-alley shops catering to people looking to save a few bucks and sometimes, doctors have even been known to steal photos and pass them off as their own! It’s for these reasons that we at Kaufman Plastic Surgery urge our patients to do their research […]
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Don’t Get Duped! Fake Surgeon in Rocklin Fooled Dozens of Patients

Here at our plastic surgery practice in Folsom, California, we’ve emphasized over the years the importance of doing research and educating yourself about plastic surgery before taking the leap. Cosmetic surgery can do amazing things for your body and your life, but only if there’s a skilled surgeon holding the knife. Otherwise, it’s not really […]
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50 Years of Breast Implants – Then & Now

Owners of breast implants rejoice! 2012 marks the 50th Anniversary of the first silicone implant procedure. Whether you have had breast augmentation or plan to look for a plastic surgeon, this is a landmark in plastic surgery history. First performed in 1962 using a “Cronin-Gerow” implant, named after the Dow-Corning surgeons responsible for the invention, […]
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