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Don’t Get Duped! Fake Surgeon in Rocklin Fooled Dozens of Patients

Dr. Kaufman

Here at our plastic surgery practice in Folsom, California, we’ve emphasized over the years the importance of doing research and educating yourself about plastic surgery before taking the leap. Cosmetic surgery can do amazing things for your body and your life, but only if there’s a skilled surgeon holding the knife. Otherwise, it’s not really plastic surgery – it’s just a person wearing a lab coat pretending to know what they’re doing. There are two main reasons we emphasize the importance of research. The first reason is that plastic surgery is a big decision that will affect your body for the rest of your life, so of course you should get the best. The second reason is because there are a lot of opportunistic quacks out there, and there was another one recently revealed in the news.

A doctor in Rocklin, who received his degree from Puerto Rico, was recently accused again of gross negligence and incompetence. There have been ongoing complaints about this person for months, and yet he is continuing to dupe people through his practice, called “Advanced Medspa” in Rocklin. There are at least 56 such cases going back to 2008 against this doctor (whose name you can find in this news article.)

We’ve said it in the past and we will continue to say it: it’s not worth saving a few hundred or even thousand dollars at the risk of potential serious injury or death. And if money is your primary concern, keep in mind that the breast reconstruction some of these women needed after this doctor was done with them will run three or four times as much as what they paid for their breast augmentation.

The scary thing is that this doctor’s license was suspended by the Puerto Rico Medical Board years ago, and yet he had no problem setting up shop in California and performing procedures on dozens, perhaps hundreds of patients, who probably assumed he knew what he was doing. This is an extreme case of an incompetent doctor who got caught, but there are others out there who run similar practices with varying degrees of incompetence. Don’t let their smiles and the official-looking degrees on the wall fool you.

Do your research, look for positive reviews, board-certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (be sure of the name of the certifying agency) and plastic surgery training. There are dentists or other specialists who have branched out into plastic surgery for the money, without having the needed training. Dr. David Kaufman is a Stanford-trained plastic surgeon who has been board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.