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Is 18 Too Young for Breast Augmentation?

Young girl in bikiniIn their quest for perfect breasts, countless women undergo breast enhancement surgery each year. As breast augmentation continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures across the world, some wonder if there is a right minimum age when it comes to getting implants. The answer depends on several circumstances.

Breast Development

It’s common for young women to consider breast augmentation, but they are strongly recommended to wait until their bodies have fully matured. Though implants can be appropriate for anyone age 18 or over who is in good overall health and has realistic expectations of the outcome, women should wait for their breasts to fully develop before having surgery. Physical maturity varies from person to person. Some women reach full development by the time they are 18, while others experience breast growth well into their 20s.

Getting Implants for Yourself

The most important factor in the decision to get breast augmentation is why you want the procedure. Younger women can be especially susceptible to wanting breast implants in order to please someone else or improve other aspects of life like social popularity. If you’re considering breast augmentation at a young age, take the time to thoroughly consider whether the procedure is the right decision for you.

It’s Never Too Late for Implants

From enhancing appearance to boosting confidence, breast enlargement offers benefits to women of all ages, so there’s no harm in waiting a while before moving forward. In fact, there are several benefits for older women getting breast implants rather than opting for augmentation at a younger age. If you decide to put off getting breast augmentation for a few years, know that the option for positive, figure-enhancing results with augmentation will always be there.