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Plastic Surgery for Pets

Dr. Kaufman

Dr. Kaufman

A growing trend recently is plastic surgery for pets, particularly dogs. Some of the procedures include nose jobs, silicone testicles, eye-lifts or even liposuction. We don’t perform surgery on pets at our practice, of course, but many of us at the practice are pet owners and have opinions on the matter.

Personally, I think it’s a good thing in the cases where the surgery can give the animal a better quality of life. Some dog breeds have trouble seeing because of all the extra skin on their face and nose surgery can help breeds that have trouble breathing. Liposuction is a good option for overweight animals with glandular problems. Overweight pets can have joint problems and experience lifelong pain.

The silicone testicle implants are said to maintain a dog’s pride and self-esteem. I guess that’s fine if it’s true, although I didn’t know that an animal that sniffs butts and drinks out of the toilet had a sense of pride. Maybe they do – I don’t know.

And while not surgical, tail docking and ear folding are two practices that have been going on for a long time, so this isn’t really anything new. People have an idea of how their pet should look and seem willing to do anything to make it happen. It’s kind of weird that people want to control the way their animal looks, but if you think about it, the whole concept of keeping animals inside is pretty weird, too.

Our family has three dogs, which we all love and enjoy very much. Here are some pictures of Lola, Adian and Madison: