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Flying to Sacramento for Plastic Surgery

There’s a growing trend in plastic surgery and it’s not a new anti-aging device or a new procedure, as you might think. Rather, it’s that more and more people are traveling from their hometowns to seek treatment from the country’s premier plastic surgery specialists. It makes perfect sense. By flying to a center of excellence in a major city, you get state-of-the-art care and expert treatment while recuperating quietly and anonymously away from home.

Dr. Kaufman has performed plastic surgery in Sacramento for patients from all across the United States and even from other countries. This last year alone, patients from up and down the East Coast, the Pacific Northwest and Central America have come to Sacramento to take advantage of Dr. Kaufman’s expertise and his team’s
commitment to unsurpassed care.


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What’s the “Fly-In” Process?

Our staff can assist you with your travel plans from start to finish. We can help you set up your itinerary and suggest local accommodations. Most patients book their stay for a week for smaller procedures, and 10 days typically for longer procedures.

We recommend you arrive at least 48 hours before your scheduled procedure to meet with Dr. Kaufman, complete paperwork and get situated in your new surroundings. Prior to your visit, we will work with you to ensure any medical tests required can be accomplished through your local primary care doctor or local medical facilities.

We encourage you to travel with a friend or family member who can help take care of you after surgery and provide support while you heal; however, should that not be possible, we can recommend in-home care and support services to help you through every step of the process. There are several local hotels with kitchenettes that are very convenient for our patients.

The first day after surgery, you will likely feel somewhat tired and groggy, so plan on getting plenty of rest. On that day, you will visit our office for a quick post-operative appointment with one of our medical assistants to confirm that everything is healing as it should. By the third and fourth day, you should feel more rested and somewhat more energetic. Typically, a week after surgery, you will meet with Dr. Kaufman for another follow-up appointment and at that time it will be determined whether you are ready to return home or not.

How Do You Perform
a Consultation for
Fly-In Patients?

Dr. Kaufman encourages you to complete the virtual consultation form so he can get a sense of your goals and needs. The virtual consultation process can include a detailed medical history, photos of your current condition and a phone or e-mail discussion of your desired outcome. After this virtual consultation, you will have the information you need to prepare for surgery, but you will still need to meet with Dr. Kaufman usually two days before surgery so he can examine you in person and go over the surgical details.

Distance does not need to be a barrier to an in-depth conversation, consultation and information exchange. Dr. Kaufman is committed to providing as much information as you need, and he will answer all your questions so you will be well prepared for surgery.

What If Something
Goes Wrong after

An overwhelming majority of Dr. Kaufman’s Sacramento plastic surgery patients have had a great experience because he is committed to safety, therefore making the entire process pleasant and gratifying. While in Sacramento, you will have continuous access to Dr. Kaufman to handle any medical concerns and, once you return home, he can connect with local medical resources should the need arise.

Flying in for an expert medical treatment is easier than ever. Most of our fly-in patients find the option offers multiple benefits. These patients will


Enjoy the opportunity to see a new area


Relax and recover in privacy and anonymity, released from everyday stresses and demands


Take advantage of the expertise of a highly-trained plastic surgeon committed to beautiful, natural results

We invite you to begin the process with the virtual consultation. Or call us at
916-983-9895 if you have questions. We look forward to meeting you in the near future.