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Spotlight on Post-Weight Loss Body Contouring: Paul Mason

Paul NixonUntil several years ago, Paul Mason was one of the fattest men in the world. Weighing 980 pounds, his size made it impossible for him to walk or do much of anything except stay in bed around the clock. After having gastric bypass surgery in 2010, Paul lost a whopping 650 pounds. But how can someone adjust to life after such significant weight loss?

The Burden Weight Loss Leaves Behind

With two-thirds of his weight gone, Paul had taken the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. However, the burden of carrying 100 pounds of excess skin left him confined to a wheelchair. He was in desperate need of help. In April of 2015, Paul received post-weight loss body contouring. Doctors at Lenox Hill Hospital removed his excess skin, helping him to continue on his path towards a normal life.

People who lose a significant amount of weight often face the added challenge of extra skin that remains once the weight is gone. Those who have already won the weight loss battle often pursue cosmetic surgery as the next step towards health and improved quality of life.

Although Paul’s situation is an extreme example, anyone who has lost a lot of weight can benefit from cosmetic surgery, despite the myths surrounding plastic surgery after weight loss.

Post-weight loss surgery is a tool used by those who have succeeded in losing substantial weight and want to enhance the outcome. Anyone who has struggled with being overweight understands that after losing weight, the race is only half-run. By removing excess skin and smoothing contours, post-weight loss surgery can help you cross the finish line.