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Stephanie’s Tummy Tuck

I know it’s not a newsflash when I tell you that people are unique. Just one way you see it is in how they react after scheduling cosmetic surgery. Some patients blab to anyone who will listen about the procedures they will have, and even their mailman is probably going to wish them well the day before surgery. Others just suffer in silence and keep things very tight to the chest.

Stephanie is one of those folks who takes comfort in talking things over and sharing her experience. When you read her story on RealSelf, I think you’ll be pretty inspired by how long she’s been thinking about a tummy tuck and how much thought went into her decision. After doing her homework, Stephanie chose me to perform the tummy tuck she’s wanted for so long, and her surgery date is just a couple weeks away.

I’m really delighted that Stephanie is talking about her experience ahead of surgery, so much so that I wanted to write a little note about it for my blog readers. Because while everyone is unique, it’s also true that everyone has fears, concerns and anxiety before their cosmetic surgery procedure. That’s just a natural, human way of dealing with the stress of the unknown. Especially when you are volunteering to go under the knife and hoping that your results will be just as you envision. Kudos to Stephanie not only for starting this journey, but also sharing her hopes and fears so that others can gain some insight, comfort, and perspective.

I encourage you to wish Stephanie well by commenting on her RealSelf story and stay tuned for more from her as her surgery date draws near.

Update: Here’s a before picture of Stephanie and a view from just 9 weeks after surgery!