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The British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League

Dr. Kaufman

Dr. Kaufman

Celebrities, and actors in particular, are always taking stands against things. Whether it’s Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon taking it to The Man or Jack Black pushing for marijuana legalization, many actors try to use their fame to stop things they perceive as evil. Perhaps they’re just using their fame to give the faceless masses a much needed voice, or more likely they’ve found themselves with too much time on their hands and they’re run out of things to buy. The real question is: why the hell are we taking advice from people whose only talent is being good at pretending?

This brings us to the topic of the week: the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League, also known as Kate Winslet, Rachel Wiesz and Emma Thompson. In their defense, this is the one instance where the cause actually matches the profession. Don’t let Philip Seymour Hoffman or Steve Buscemi fool you – being an actor is all about looking good in front of the camera so the audience knows you’re awesome and then going on TV and sharing your poorly-constructed arguments against whatever. (Matt Damon is the exception to this, as he has proved he can be thoughtful and well-spoken while promoting humanitarian efforts such as Everyone else: get back to entertaining us.)

So these three incredibly good-looking actresses are telling everyone not to get cosmetic surgery. That’s like a diabetic calling for an end to soft drinks or Shaq telling people that being short isn’t that bad. What do you know about it? Maybe if it was Clint Howard telling us all to just be ourselves it might have a little more credibility, but when three women who have lived their entire lives looking like female protagonists from Disney movies say it, I’m not moved. Cosmetic surgery improves lives, despite what anyone says to the contrary.