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The Secret World of Medicine

Dr. Kaufman

Dr. Kaufman

Hello plastic surgery fans of Sacramento! As you may have heard, the medical community is full of mysterious codes and secret words that most people don’t understand. In the interest of job security, I don’t want to give away all of our secrets, but for your entertainment and edification, here are a few of our cryptic shorthands decyphered.

The first one is “stat,” which you’ve probably heard before. It’s short for “statim,” a latin word meaning “at once” or “immediately.” So why don’t we just say immediately? Well, because it would take longer. And because using codes makes being a doctor much more fun.

The next one is “SOB.” If you see this on your chart, it doesn’t mean your doctor doesn’t like you (usually), but it stands for “Shortness of Breath,” a symptom that could indicate very bad things to come, in which case you should be nice to your doctor so he takes good care of you.

If you’re being an actual SOB, you might see the code “PIA” on your chart, which if you remember high school correctly, stands for “Pain In the Ass.” Don’t worry, we never use this code. We don’t need to – all of our patients are angels!

This last code doesn’t really apply to plastic surgery, but is nice to know anyway. If you see “SBI,” on your chart, you should probably start worrying as it means “Something Bad Inside,” a rather vague descriptor for the cause of a serious problem.

Now you can talk like a medical professional with confidence. Come visit us soon and request a consultation for cosmetic surgery or one of our non-invasive procedures stat!