Vectra 3D Imaging

When you’re considering facial cosmetic surgery, it can feel challenging to fully envision your new look. Using Vectra 3D Imaging as part of the consultation process helps take the element of uncertainty out of your final result, so you feel confident about moving forward with your procedure.

At Kaufman Plastic Surgery, we feel that Vectra 3D Imaging not only improves communication between surgeon and patient, but also represents one of the most cutting-edge technological advancements in the field. The combination of these two benefits means a more positive patient experience from consultation through recovery.

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The Technology of 3D Imaging

The way 3D imaging works is actually very straightforward. First, we take digital photos of your face from using the Vectra camera. Those pictures are then adapted into a three-dimensional format to create new images that exactly match your natural features.

Next, simulation software is used to adjust the images according to the procedure you’re considering and other factors. If undergoing rhinoplasty, for example, you may feel unsure whether you’d be happy simply removing the bump from the bridge of your nose, or if you want a more involved level of correction. Vectra 3D imaging allows you to look at both options so you can decide which result you like better before surgery ever begins.

How 3D Imaging Helps

While the accurate visual representation that’s enabled by using 3D imaging technology is a clear benefit, the benefits of improved communication between patient and surgeon are equally invaluable. Often, the terms that are used to describe the outcome of your facial sculpting procedures are subjective ones like “natural,” which can create a language barrier during your consultation.

When patient and surgeon are looking at 3D images together, they share a common ground that gives them a more solid starting place for discussing results in an objective way. This gives Dr. Kaufman a better idea of his patients’ cosmetic goals, while at the same time helping patients better understand all the important technical details that go into deciding how to best approach your upcoming surgery.

The Benefits of 3D

An added benefit of incorporating 3D imaging as part of your rhinoplasty or chin implant surgery from the beginning is that any concerns over needing revision surgery are greatly minimized. Having a visual guide in place before you set foot in the operating room can ease any concerns you may have over getting the result you’d like to see the first time around.

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