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What’s Hot? Ear Jobs.

It sounds kinky, but actually it’s a trend in cosmetic surgery. Heavy earrings can stretch out ears and over time, the combination of gravity and jewelry can make ears look stretched out.

An ear job can reshape or reduce the size of ear lobes in patients whose ears have carried a heavy burden over many years. Combine the years of heavy earrings with the fact that ears are one of the body parts that never stop growing and you can see why some people might be self-conscious about their expanding ears.

As a person ages, their face typically loses fat, which is why injectable fillers are so popular. Plumping up the face with fillers is a great solution and the ears are fair game for fillers as well.

Another thing to consider is that after getting a facelift, the ears may stand out as looking older in comparison. Why not get the matching set?

Concerns about the face, nose and neck are common, so it’s only natural that ears should receive a bit more attention. So if you live in Sacramento and are considering a face lift, consider asking about an ear job too.