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4 Tips for Working Off Your Holiday Weight Gain

AdobeStock_59212345It’s no secret that many people tend to gain weight around the holidays. Rich festive foods and abundant get-togethers with family, friends and colleagues make the holidays one of the most common times to gain weight… and New Year’s one of the most common times to decide to lose it. Here are 4 tips that can help you lose that stubborn fat and reach your goal weight.

1. Establish a Healthy Diet

If your goal is to shed excess weight, it’s important to establish a diet that is low in calories, but still contains all the nutrients your body needs. Your meals should consist of fiber, lean protein and natural vitamins found in fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Devote Time to Exercise

Physical activity is just as important when it comes to losing weight as establishing a healthy diet. Even if you have a busy schedule, it’s important to dedicate a little time each week to engaging in some form of physical exercise. Something as small as a brisk walk around the block each day can make a difference in your physical health and weight.

3. Decide on Your Target Weight

Determining your ideal weight may be more complicated than you think. Your target weight depends on your body type and genetics, so the ideal weight can vary for each individual. Ask your physician what a healthy weight would be for you.

4. Consider Body Contouring

If you’ve reached your target weight but still have some problem spots that aren’t responding to diet or exercise, you might consider looking into body contouring procedures. Liposuction permanently removes fatty deposits to better reveal your slimmer shape underneath, while CoolSculpting® offers a nonsurgical way to accomplish the same goal.