Breast Lift

A breast lift can offer new life to drooping breasts, helping to restore your confidence and revitalize your figure. Well-known throughout the Sacramento area as a specialist in breast enhancement, board-certified surgeon Dr. David Kaufman at Kaufman Plastic Surgery invites you to see why countless women have selected our practice for their breast lift procedures.

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Why Choose Us

  • Experience is a key factor in ensuring top-notch surgical results. Not only is Dr. Kaufman a board certified plastic surgeon who performs a high volume of surgical and nonsurgical procedures, but most of the staff have been with us for more than 5 years, and our anesthesiologists have been working with us since 2006.
  • At Kaufman Plastic Surgery, we put our patients first. We know that making the decision to pursue cosmetic surgery is an important one, and our focus stays on helping you make choices best suited to your unique needs.
  • An established presence in the Sacramento area, we’ve been serving patients in the community for over a decade. We’re proud to be a trusted resource in the field of plastic surgery.
  • Dr. Kaufman offers a broad range of experience in both surgical and nonsurgical procedures, as well as a commitment to keeping current on the latest innovations in the cutting-edge techniques and tools of their trade.

What to Expect

Often, due to pregnancy, age or genetics, the breasts lose volume and the skin loses elasticity, resulting in a “deflated” look. Women who experience breast sagging often feel self-conscious about their figures and resort to wearing uncomfortable, extended support bras or even hiding their breasts under baggy clothes.

Exercise, diet, and supplements may promise to rejuvenate the breasts, but surgery is the only way to truly reverse the effects of gravity. A breast lift, or mastopexy, can:

  • Elevate and reshape sagging breasts
  • Reposition nipples to a more youthful, natural placement
  • Reduce the size of enlarged areolas (the circle of darker skin around the nipple)

A breast lift is often performed in conjunction with breast augmentation for those women who want additional volume with their lift.

Healthy women who have realistic goals are the best candidates for breast lift surgery. A breast lift can be performed on breasts of any size, but the results last longer for women with smaller breasts. Larger, heavier breasts will feel the effects of gravity more quickly in the years following surgery, and may need a breast reduction instead to achieve a perkier, uplifted appearance.

There’s another reason breasts can sag to the point of discomfort: significant weight loss. Many women undergo a post weight loss breast lift to raise breasts to a more attractive position in keeping with their new shape.

Video Highlights

Connecting with Dr. Kaufman and the team at Kaufman Plastic Surgery on a more personal level is the best way to learn more about your breast lift, as well as our practice.

We have several video resources that can help you explore a variety of cosmetic procedures, including breast enhancement.

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Your Consult

Before your breast lift, you’ll schedule a consultation at Kaufman Plastic Surgery. In this visit, we’ll carefully review your needs and expectations. The consultation is an opportunity to specify your goals for treatment, in addition to discussing any other procedures in combination with your breast lift.

During your consultation, Dr. Kaufman will carefully examine you and discuss the best surgical techniques to achieve your goals. At Kaufman Plastic Surgery, we tailor incisions and techniques for each patient, depending on the size of the breasts and the desired lift.

Preparing for Your Breast Lift

A typical breast lift takes no longer than 2 to 3 hours, though the total time will depend on whether additional procedures are done in conjunction with the lift. You can plan on going home after your surgery is completed, as breast lifts are performed as outpatient procedures.

Recovery & Results

Recovery from breast lift surgery generally requires several days of downtime in addition to a week of reduced activity. Ice packs and/or pain medications can help to alleviate any discomfort you may experience. You’ll be able to resume your normal routine gradually.

Your full results will become evident over the course of several months as the shape and position of your breasts continues to become more refined. Full healing will reveal a shapelier, more youthful figure with firmer, uplifted breasts.

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