Lower Body Lift

Many people who have undergone gastric bypass or another Sacramento weight loss surgery find that loose skin around their lower body can be a problem. We offer patients a way to get rid of that excess skin and complete their cosmetic transformation. Even if you have lost weight on your own without gastric bypass surgery, you may be a candidate for a lower body lift. Lower body lift surgery is performed in the Folsom, Roseville and greater Sacramento area by Dr. David Kaufman and Dr. Christa Clark, board certified plastic surgeons in Sacramento.

A lower body lift combines a tummy tuck with both a circumferential thigh and buttock lift. Thus, the procedure can treat the entire lower body, from the lower thighs to the bottom of the ribs – the biggest problem area following weight loss – all in a single surgery.
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In some patients, excess skin and fat are present not only in the abdominal area, but also around the “love handles” and the back. A lower body lift can remedy this problem, eliminating excess skin and pleasantly contouring the body as it tightens the tummy and lifts the buttocks and thighs.

Candidates for Lower Body Lift Surgery

The best candidate for a lower body lift is healthy, has achieved his or her desired weight loss and has been stable at that weight for at least several months.

Find out more about a lower body lift at our new website devoted to plastic surgery for the weight loss community: www.afterobesity.com. In fact, we hope you’ll visit that site often to take advantage of the procedure information, weight loss resources and tips and suggestions we’ve developed for you. Many of our patients especially enjoy reading personal success stories of others who have transformed their bodies and their lives.


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The lower body lift procedure takes anywhere from four to six hours depending on how much skin and fat must be removed. Patients often choose to have the lower body lift done in conjunction with brachioplasty or another procedure, which can increase the time spent in the operating room.


Recovery takes about three weeks, with full recuperation in about two months. The final result can be a great complement to your weight loss, whether it was accomplished through natural means or through bariatrics and weight loss surgery.