After Weight Loss

Congratulations on your accomplishment! Whether you have undergone weight loss (gastric bypass) surgery or lost the weight by other methods, significant weight loss is a major transformation. Often plastic and/or reconstructive surgery is the completion of this long personal journey. If you have lost dramatic amounts of weight, on your own or through weight loss surgery, board certified Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. David Kaufman offers a number of plastic surgery options to contour your body and refine your new figure.

If you’re ready to learn more about plastic surgery near Sacramento after weight loss, request a cosmetic consultation online or call to make your appointment at Kaufman Plastic Surgery.

Our Philosophy on Body Contouring

You are to be commended for the commitment to a positive lifestyle change. Your journey to weight loss is a long and difficult one and we believe you deserve to fully realize the body you have always wanted.

“If you can’t have plastic surgery…it’s almost worse than not having lost the weight.”

Read Mary’s Patient Story

Through our deep commitment to the weight loss community and the many patients we work with who choose plastic surgery to re-sculpt their newly-slim bodies, we’ve learned it takes a special approach to serve your needs. That’s why we created, a unique resource you can visit and return to often. It offers a discussion of special considerations related to plastic surgery for weight loss patients, a long list of resources for you and in-depth information about mid-body surgery and other procedures. Best of all, the site provides a place for some of our post-weight loss patients to tell their personal stories.

We work with weight loss patients from Sacramento and all over the country. If you live within driving distance, we encourage you to request an in-person consultation with us. If you’re interested in taking advantage of our fly-in program you can have a rewarding, informative discussion with our surgeon through the virtual consultation process.

An increasingly large part of our practice is devoted to post-bariatric patients. We take great pleasure in working with patients who have made such a dramatic change and feel privileged to be a part of their recovery. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve your dreams.