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Month: June 2014

Why Weight Loss May Mean an Implant Update, Too

Why Weight Loss May Mean an Implant Update, Too

Whether achieved through weight loss surgery or lifestyle changes, losing a significant amount of weight dramatically changes the way your body looks and how it’s proportioned. If you lose a large amount of weight after you’ve had breast augmentation, you may find that your implants need to be updated in order to better match and complement your new, slimmer physique.

How the Breasts Change with Weight Loss

The breasts tend to store excess body fat, so it’s natural for the appearance of your breasts to fluctuate with your weight. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that shedding large amounts of body fat will create significant changes in the size and volume of your breasts—and this loss of volume in the breasts can also lead to sagging and an undesirable change in nipple location.

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The Best 3 Upper Body Contouring Surgeries after Weight Loss

People who have achieved extreme weight loss are often unprepared for the reality they’ll face once the extra pounds are gone. If you’ve worked hard to fight your way out of obesity, it can be very frustrating when heavy folds of sagging skin stick around as a reminder of your former self. Here are a few of the most effective upper body contouring surgeries designed to help you enjoy your weight loss success and finally feel comfortable in your own skin.

  1. Arm Lift

    The arms often suffer from excess skin after weight loss because of the body’s tendency to store extra fat deposits in the arms, particularly above the elbow. These skin folds are not only unattractive but can cause great discomfort as they chafe against each other and the skin on the torso.

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