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4 Reasons You Might Consider Breast Augmentation Revision

Cosmetic surgeon marking a woman before surgeryThe reality is that not every woman will be 100% satisfied with her results after breast enlargement surgery. Thankfully, if you aren’t happy with your implants or are experiencing a complication, a skilled surgeon can help you get the look you really want. Here are some common reasons why breast augmentation revision may be a good idea.

1. Implant Malposition
Common implant malposition complaints include pronounced asymmetry, synmastia (implants positioned too closely together), and “bottoming out” (implants that sit too low on the chest wall). If your previous surgeon didn’t give you an ideal result, breast augmentation revision can correct these common malposition complaints, creating perfectly positioned breasts.

2. Ruptured Implant
While today’s breast implant options have a stellar safety record, they are still not designed for lifetime use. If one of your implants needs to be replaced due to a rupture or tear, it’s important to seek the care of a board certified plastic surgeon specifically trained in breast implant revision.

3. Adjusting Size
We consult with many women who want to exchange their existing breast implants for larger or smaller ones. Whether you want to boost your cup size or trade out for one of the newer implant models, breast augmentation can give you a new look that complements your self-image.

4. More Age-Appropriate Look
A number of women decide that they would prefer a subtler look as they age. What felt just right in your 20s may feel too big in your 40s, leading to a revision surgery that can offer a more understated look. We tailor each breast implant revision to your individual needs, selecting a customized approach so that you can feel confident about your figure at any age or stage of life.