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Fending Off Bullets, Shrapnel and Even Fish

Can silicone breast implants save a woman’s life? Apparently so! I’ve read a few articles in the past about silicone implants saving a woman’s life.

I think the first article I read was in 2006 where a young woman ran a red light and struck another car. Her 40DD silicone implants acted as an airbag and saved her life.

Or the Israeli woman who’s life was spared when her silicone implants were caught in Hezbollah rocket fire and was wounded in the chest by shrapnel. The shrapnel got stuck in the implants instead of penetrating her further.

Or the one back in 2007, where this woman was stabbed by a blue marlin’s bill while fishing with a friend. The marlin was hooked by her friend and as he was trying to reel it in, it jumped out of the water and stabbed her in the arm, through her silicone implant and the implant was forced through her ribcage. Doctors believe the marlin’s bill may have punctured her lung had she not has breast implants. You can see the video here. Again….another life saved by silicone implants.

Recently in The Daily Post, March 1, 2010, there was an article that caught my eye. “Implant saves woman’s life”. The article was very short but a woman in Los Angeles was shot in the chest by a gunman. The gunman pointed his gun directly at the woman’s chest and fired but luckily for her…she had her good ole size D silicone implants that came to her rescue.

So if anyone out there is still giving silicone implants a bad rap, you may want to think twice. It could save your life if you’re ever in a car crash, caught in hostile crossfire, fishing in the deep blue sea or taking a bullet.