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How to Plan Your Post-Weight Loss Body Contouring for the Best Results

Woman in blueAfter dramatic weight loss is achieved, either by diet and exercise or weight loss surgery, many men and women find themselves frustrated by the remaining folds of skin and tissue that so often hide their slimmer new figure. Body contouring surgeries can help highlight a patient’s weight loss success by removing excess skin and bringing his or her transformation full-circle, but proper planning is a must for the best results.

When Multiple Procedures Are Necessary

When it comes to post-weight loss body contouring, many patients are not able to fully address their concerns with a single procedure. Separate surgeries are typically required for different areas of the body such as the arms, buttocks or thighs. Sometimes, a combination approach can help minimize the number of total procedures that are necessary. For example, depending on a patient’s health, a buttocks lift and thigh lift may be performed at the same time. This type of approach can mean fewer individual appointments and recovery periods for a solution that’s typically far more convenient for the patient.

Trust Your Surgeon’s Experience

When beginning the process of scheduling body contouring procedures, many patients have difficulty deciding where to start. The truth is, there’s really not one answer that works universally for every patient. As long as you’ve taken steps to choose a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced and knowledgeable in post-weight loss body contouring, you should trust his or her opinion in determining the customized approach that’s most likely to work best for your individual needs.