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Mexcian Plastic Surgery

Dr. Kaufman

I just read in the news that Mexico has announced the availability of low cost plastic surgery in Tijuana! This is exciting news, everyone. We’re all looking to save money in these tough economic times and flying down to one of the dirtiest, least regulated, and most crime-ridden regions of the planet is a fantastic way to save a little money on something that will last you the rest of your life. And because of the close proximity of facilities in Tijuana, you’ll probably have enough time to buy some bathtub mescal or get stabbed near a dusty bus station before Delta loses your luggage on the way home.

Let’s face it: travel has become boring because it’s too easy. What better way to ramp up the difficulty than to make yourself go through multiple hardships simultaneously. No longer will you merely face the ire of surly flight attendants who have spent the past thirty years serving drunk salesmen, only to lose their retirement plans to corporate greed and mismanagement. Now you can face those same miserable, angry people in a much hotter climate and feel hung over from low-grade anaesthetic you received that definitely wasn’t manufactured in the same mafia-owned warehouse that synthesizes methamphetamines and operates undisturbed thanks to a corrupt local police force and a neutered federal government. Make a vacation out of it – experience the local culture!

Joking aside, Mexico is a beautiful country and well worth visiting, but please consider what is gained and what is lost by receiving plastic surgery in Tijuana instead of at a clinic with a good reputation in this country. There are many American plastic surgery centers that should be avoided and we have a well-regulated industry. It’s not impossible to get a good result from plastic surgery received in Tijuana, but it would be a little surprising. But if something went wrong, it wouldn’t be surprising at all.