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New Breast Implant Option May Benefit Post-Weight Loss Patients

The FDA has approved a new silicone implant that may be a good option for women who have lost a lot of weight, common among augmentation patients, according to the breast augmentation specialists serving Sacramento at Kaufman Plastic Surgery.

Folsom, California (July 2013) – In June, The FDA approved a new shaped silicone implant, the Mentor® MemoryShape, making it the 3rd shaped silicone implant to receive FDA approval since 2012. Shaped breast implants such as these are a good option for women seeking reconstructive breast surgery after massive weight loss.

Because breasts are mainly composed of fat, significant weight loss can cause them to flatten and droop, a cosmetic condition known as ptotic breasts. Implants can alleviate this condition—and shaped implants can offer a more natural, customizable shape than traditional round implants. Dr. David Kaufman can help patients select the appropriate breast implants.

“Major weight loss, whether it’s through bariatric surgery or old-fashioned hard work, is a fantastic accomplishment,” Dr. Kaufman says. “Our goal is to help our post-weight loss plastic surgery patients in Sacramento feel comfortable in their new bodies.” In addition to breast implants, patients may choose from a variety of post-weight loss procedures, including arm lifts and tummy tucks. These procedures reshape the body and reduce excess skin, a problem commonly encountered after rapid weight loss.

Anatomic implants like the Mentor MemoryShape and Sientra® anatomic gels may offer a more natural “teardrop” shape often sought by prospective patients, especially those looking to restore as opposed to enhance their breasts.

Shaped options have been available for some time, but only in saline-filled implants. The introduction of a shaped silicone gel implant is a boon for women who want the attributes that come with the latest generation of highly cohesive silicone gel. “Today’s silicone implants are a significant improvement over those from years past,” Dr. Kaufman says. “The filling is high-strength, yet feels soft and pliable – more like real breast tissue.” The new cohesive silicone gel-filled implants – nicknamed “gummy bears” – can even be cut in half without leaking or oozing.

Dr. Kaufman encourages patients to consider the requirements for and limitations of breast implants. Good candidates are physically and psychologically healthy, with realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery.