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Three Reasons to Update Your Breast Implants after Weight Loss

Skinny female bodyLosing a significant amount of weight can dramatically alter the proportions of your body. While shedding those extra pounds can feel great, if you’ve had breast augmentation in the past, you may want to consider updating your implants to fully embrace your new body shape.

More Proportionate Body Contours

If you chose the size and volume of your implants prior to your weight loss, you most likely planned them with a different body in mind. You may decide that breast implants of a different size would fit better with your new figure. Updating your breasts with regards to your new body shape can help you make the most of your slimmer self.

The Finishing Touch after Weight Loss

Significant weight loss can affect the visibility and position of implants. Some women find that their weight loss makes the implant more visible because there is less tissue coverage, or that the implant has settled into a different position due to physical changes. Losing weight can also lead to sagging and even alter the position of the nipple. Combining implant revision with a breast lift can help restore shape and smoothness to sagging breasts and ensure that everything is in the right place.

Embracing the New You

The breasts generally store excess body fat, so it’s not surprising that losing weight can affect your breasts. In a breast revision, your surgeon will work with your new figure to help you get the most out of your appearance. Consulting with your surgeon about your goals and ideal profile will help him or her understand how to address your implants in a way that best suits you. You’ve worked hard to lose that weight. Why not reward yourself?