Vectra 3D Imaging

Vectra PatientThe top priority for any woman who’s thinking about breast augmentation is making sure she’s happy with her results. At the same time, knowing which size and type of breast implants you need to choose to achieve that look can feel very intimidating.

At Kaufman Plastic Surgery, we use Vectra 3D Imaging to help ensure that you feel confident about your breast enlargement. Vectra 3D Imaging represents the latest technological advancement in breast augmentation, while at the same time helps to improve communication between patient and surgeon.

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The Technology of 3D Imaging

The process of using 3D imaging is relatively simple. First, we take a photograph of your body using the Vectra camera, and then those images are translated into a three-dimensional format that allows you to see a full model of your body from neck to hip.

Through the use of advanced simulation software, we can manipulate the image according to different factors so you can see a visual representation of how you’ll look after your breast augmentation. For example, we can adjust the image to show how your body would look with 350 cc implants compared to 450 cc implants, check how implant placement can impact your results or demonstrate the way implants could improve existing asymmetry between breasts.

How 3D Imaging Helps

On the surface, Vectra 3D imaging may seem like a tool that benefits surgeon more than patient, but in many cases the opposite is true. Plastic surgeons need to weigh many highly precise factors before surgery, such as the shape of your rib cage or your breast base diameter, and it’s hard to explain to patients just how these small details can affect your final outcome so much.

Additionally, the terms that women frequently use to describe their cosmetic goals, such as “natural” or “curvy,” are very subjective, and can mean different things to different people. It’s also challenging to bridge the gap between how patients think of implants (typically in terms of cup size) vs. how implants are actually measured (by volume).

Seeing an accurate representation of how your results will look can offer a much more effective—and more objective—method of communication between patient and surgeon. Vectra 3D imaging allows for a more productive discussion about your ideal results during your consultation, so that Dr. Kaufman has a better understanding of your expectations and can tailor the approach they take during surgery to help you reach those expectations.

What Patients Say

  • “I really like the Vectra technology. The images were very real and I liked being able to view the images at various angles. The feature of adding clothing was also extremely helpful!” – Sherry
  • “I loved seeing a 3D picture of my own body (not just someone I don’t know) to see what my breast augmentation and lift would look like. It confirmed exactly what I was hoping the end result would look like.” – Morgan
  • “Being able to see the before and after images made my decision easy. Incredible!” – Anonymous
  • “Very helpful program, gave me a great view of before and after. Like the 3 sides to compare each different size.” – Tina

The Benefits of 3D

The number one reason for breast implant revision surgery is because women feel they initially chose implants that were the wrong size. Concerns over going too large or too small are put to rest when you can see a visual guide ahead of time that shows exactly how your body will look after your breast augmentation.

Dr. David Kaufman has helped women from the Sacramento area and throughout California to choose the breast implants that bring out the best in their bodies. Call us today at 916-983-9895 or contact us online if you’re ready to see the difference that Vectra 3D imaging can make in your breast augmentation results.