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3 Ways Breast Implants Trump Fat Transfer Augmentation

Fat transfer augmentation allows a plastic surgeon to remove unwanted fat from your body and use it to augment your breasts, which sounds like an ideal solution to many women. However, breast augmentation with implants is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world. So, when it comes to breast implants vs fat transfer augmentation, which is the better choice? In reality, most women are happier with implants. Here’s why.

1. Breast Implants Mean More Dramatic Results

Fat grafting produces much more subtle results than breast implants. For women wanting a more substantial increase in fullness and projection, you’ll have to opt for implants. One reason some women want to have fat transfer augmentation is that they think implants always look fake. This is entirely untrue, and the right plastic surgeon can help you achieve incredibly natural-looking results with breast implants.

Choosing the right size, type and placement of implants can help you get the natural look you want.

2. Breast Implant Results Last Longer

Another problem with fat transfer augmentation is that the size enhancement might not last. If you lose weight after having a fat transfer procedure, you run the risk of losing some of the fat that was added to your breasts. Therefore, any future efforts to improve your fitness habits could be at odds with maintaining your fat transfer augmentation results.

3. Augmentation with Breast Implants Is More Precise

It’s very hard to predict what the exact results of fat transfer breast augmentation could be. When you get breast implants, your plastic surgeon has a much better idea of how your end results can look, especially with the added help of technology like 3D imaging.