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What Does “Drop and Fluff” Mean for Breast Implants?

146775426If you’ve had a breast augmentation or are considering one, you may have come across the term “drop and fluff” at some point in your research. While it might sound confusing at first, “dropping” and “fluffing” of your new implants is a completely normal and expected part of the recovery process.

Recovery Following a Breast Augmentation

Immediately following your breast augmentation, you can expect to experience some swelling around the breasts, as well as some tightening of the muscles in your chest. You may also notice that your breasts feel as though they’re riding high, because the surrounding skin and soft tissues haven’t yet been able to stretch enough to accommodate your new implants.

Drop and Fluff: When the Implant Settles into Place

While these initial symptoms might cause your breasts to look smaller instead of larger at first, this is very common. As your swelling dissipates and your breast tissue stretches to make room for the new implants, the implants will relax, or drop, into place. Thus, as the implants settle into their final position, the upper breast fullness decreases and the lower breast fullness increases. This is the “fluffing” part of the healing process.

When You Can Expect to See Final Results

Every woman’s body will heal slightly differently, but you can expect to see swelling and tightness begin to diminish within the days and weeks following your surgery. For most women, implants should drop and fluff within 3 to 6 months, revealing your natural-looking breast augmentation results.

If at any point during your recovery process you’re concerned about your implants, don’t hesitate to contact your plastic surgeon. They will be able to best determine the progress of your recovery and answer any questions you may have.