When Can You Hit the Gym after Your Tummy Tuck? | The Natural Result

When Can You Hit the Gym after Your Tummy Tuck?

While a healthy lifestyle is crucial to preserving your tummy tuck results, rushing to the gym right after surgery is not in your best interest. It’s important to slowly resume your post-surgery exercise routine, following your surgeon’s instructions. Not doing so may interfere with your results or jeopardize your health. Here are some helpful guidelines for staging your fitness comeback.

2 Weeks Out

At this point you can begin light activities such as walking. This is a wonderful way to get your body moving without straining your abdominal region. As an added bonus, staying mildly active after your tummy tuck can help reduce swelling more quickly and prevent blood clots.

After 1 Month

You can resume weight-lifting if it was a part of your fitness routine prior to surgery. Moderation is key: start with lighter weights to avoid tearing your incisions. Heavier weights and repetitions can be added over time. Remember to pay close attention to how you feel. Unusual pain or discomfort may be a signal that you’re doing too much.

6-8 Weeks Out

Based upon how extensive your procedure was, your surgeon will give you instructions geared to your specific needs. Patients who’ve had a more minimal tummy tuck may start crunches or other activities that target the abdomen within six weeks. Other patients may require up to six months for their abdominal muscles to heal sufficiently before they can undertake any strenuous abdominal exercises.

Any surgery requires sufficient time for the body to heal. You won’t be ready to return to your pre-procedure exercise regimen right away after your tummy tuck, and that’s okay. By easing into a fitness plan, you ensure the best outcome for your health and your tummy tuck results.